Bosch Filters

DistancePlus™ Oil Filters

Bosch DistancePlus Oil Filters are high efficiency and high capacity oil filters designed to keep oil clean longer and protect the vehicle‘s engine. It goes the distance with a 99.9%* efficiency rating to remove more dirt and is designed with 300%** greater capacity to hold more dirt. Bosch DistancePlus is the ultra-premium leader in engine performance protection.
Key Features
Bosch DistancePlus holds 29.1 grams of contaminants compared to economy filters that only hold 7.4 grams
Ultimate performance with synthetic, semi-synthetic and conventional oils
Contains a PTFE treated seal gasket for easy installation and removal
Silicone anti drain-back valve to protect against dry starts
Heavy gauge case for increased durability, providing 2X’s greater burst resistance strength compared to conventional oil filters

Premium Oil Filters

Premium engine performance requires a premium oil filter. Bosch Premium Oil Filters protect your engine by keeping harmful particles and dirt out, preventing premature wear and engine failure. Premium oil filters not only fit the same way as original OE filters, they utilize an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media for superior oil filtration and increased engine protection.
Key Features
The Premium filtration media has the capacity to hold up to 14 grams of dirt* in the filter media
A high glass content is woven into the blended media, providing greater efficiency and strength by trapping 99% of the particulates from getting into the engine
Proper fit – a Bosch Premium Oil Filter will fit and stay on the vehicle the same way as the original filter
Extensive coverage on domestic, Asian and European vehicles
*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 20 microns on 3500

Workshop Oil Filters

Bosch Workshop Oil Filters designed for the professional installer.
Key Features
Competitive pricing from a trusted brand
97.5% efficiency
Holds up to 13 grams* of dirt
98% vehicle coverage
*Based on ISO 4548-12 at 40 microns on L3500

Fuel Filters

Bosch Fuel Filters help to protect the most expensive parts of the engine by filtering out foreign particles that can damage a fuel injector. A damaged fuel filter can result in erratic performance, poor gas mileage and in some cases, complete engine shutdown. Even the smallest particles can cause considerable wear and tear to an engine. Protecting the fuel system and the engine from harmful particles, helps to prolong the life of your vehicle. Ensure dependable and trouble-free performance with a Bosch Fuel Filter.
Key Features
Dirt-holding capacity of 15 grams*
Multi-layered filter media with 99% efficiency**
Robust aluminum-, plastic-, or surface-treated steel filter housing designed to withstand high pressure thus offering a longer fuel filter service life
Precise and reliable fuel filter connections for 100% fuel filtration
*Test based upon SAE J905 at 0.7 bar on 77041WS **Test based upon SAE J905 on 77041WS

Workshop Air Filters

Bosch Workshop Air Filters are designed specifically for the Professional installer market offering 90% vehicle coverage to ensure installers will always have the right air filter.
Key Features
Competitive pricing from a trusted brand
Coverage for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles
Allows for strong engine protection and performance
90% Coverage
98% efficiency

HEPA Cabin Filter

Bosch Cabin Air Filters are designed and tested to meet High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standards based on test standard ASTM D2986, and provides filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns*. This efficiency provides ultimate protection in trapping allergens, dust and other particulates that can enter your vehicle and provides the cleanest air possible for you and your family.
Key Features
HEPA Cabin Air Filters designed to trap microscopic pollutants including pollen, mold and common allergens
Melt-blown electrostatic layer providing very dense media
Structural ribs to provide additional stability and durability

Workshop Cabin Air Filters

Bosch Workshop Cabin Air Filters are specifically engineered for the professional installer dedicated to helping customers breathe cleaner air. Bosch Workshop Cabin Filters offer an 80%* efficiency rate at 3 microns or greater in capturing dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants from entering the heating and air vents of a vehicle.
Key Features
Bosch engineered cabin air filters fit 90% of the cars on the road in North America today that come equipped with a cabin filter
Carbon Cabin filters that are offered are Charcoal lined filters that provide deodorizing agents
Carbon and non-carbon offering
80% efficiency in capturing dirt, dust and other environmental contaminants
The best defense against microscopic particulates from entering the vehicle’s cabin